Hello everybody!

I am Mercenary of Light and this will soon become my new music and gaming blog. At the moment this blog is my CSS test site and the home of some of the smilies and pictures I use for my forum, Music/Games [Hybrid Mix], as the name suggests, based on music and games with some other things in it. For now you may visit the main site to read my articles and listen to some music, or use some of the media in this blog for your own sites. Have fun and stay cool! 😎


4 Responses to Hello everybody!

  1. Just wanted to test this and tell you that Hybrid Mix Forum has some 😎 new features and is open for anyone to register.

  2. dragoncrash says:

    This site is going to have all different types of music right?

  3. Not really. This will become the home of my Cool Blue Smilies. My main site will remain Mercenarylight’s blog. I took the decision of having this as an alternative site, afgter I fund out I have to pay to change the CSS. (over $14 a year) Until I get some money, this site will remain as my media site.

  4. dragoncrash says:

    That still pretty cool. Cool Blue Smilies sounds like a jazz song and I lIke jazz. Wait…….is it a jazz song? 😕

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