The New Home of the Cool Blue Smilies

[Hybrid Zone] is now the new Home of the cool blue smilies, smilies I made using different  shades of blue. At the moment none of them are animated, because I don’t have the right programs, and if I have, I don’t know where in my pc they are. I’ll start adding smilies every few weeks, but at the moment you have a lot to use. You may use them anywhere, on your site, forum or just for your personal use. You don’t have to give me credit, but you can’t say that you made them or redistribute them. I suggest you save them on your computer, because hotlinking might end up in the smilies looking like this   and I may remove any or all smiliees at any given moment. Try to come back soon.


5 Responses to The New Home of the Cool Blue Smilies

  1. dragoncrash says:

    Sick…….smilies. Those things are awsome.

    P.S Never mind what I said on the last post. :opps:

  2. Justin Jacobs says:

    What program are you using for these smilies?

  3. I’m using Paint, GIMP and Power Point. Most of the smilies come from free downloadable packs and I recolor them.

  4. Shadow Luigi says:

    Is this kind of like a storage site?

  5. Yes and not really. It was supposed to be the new main site, but I changed it into an alternate site to put the stuff used on the upcoming RPG forum.

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