To affiliate with our blog and/or forum your site/blog must follow the rules below. If your site/blog has problems with rules 1, 4 or 5, exceptions can be made with the approval of the administrator.

1) The site must already have some content up.

2) It can’t contain any illegal or indecent content, such as hacking, ROMs, hentai, gambling, etc.

3) The opinion of your site’s visitors must be respected and they should feel comfortable when visiting it. This means your site must have a rule or policy to not allow any material that others may find discriminating, unethical or offensive.

4) Your site should not contain swearing within it’s pages, articles and media. If your site is a music blog or forum, an exception will be made to this rule, only if the songs with adult language include a warning saying that it contains swearing or a Explicit/uncensored label near them. This is because part of this blog’s visitors are children under 13.

5) If your site includes media or has a post about adult or teenage anime, manga, music or movie, it must be conservative about what it says and what the images and music present. An exception can be made for music, anime or manga forums.

6) The link to this blog must be placed in your site within a week of affiliation. You must place the link to this blog in an area easily accesible by your visitors (the main page or a sidebar). If the link is in a hidden or tucked away area of your site, this blog/forum will hardly benefit from affiliating with you and your site will be removed.

7) The administrator of this blog has the right to remove any affiliate without any notice, if he has found out your blog has not followed one of the above rules.

If you agree to the above rules and are interested in becoming an affiliate to Hybrid Zone or the [Hybrid Mix] forum, post your name and site below.

These are some of the available buttons you may use. Your site doesn’t require a button to affiliate with my blog.

If you want to affiliate with my forum, you may use one of these buttons.

Forum Button 1 Forum Button 2


5 Responses to Affiliation

  1. dragoncrash says:

    Hello Mercenary of Light. I (of course) will like to affiliate with your new site.

  2. Sure. Just put the button in your affiliates.

  3. Justin Jacobs says:

    I’ll affiliate u with Omega Zelda.

  4. Sure, for both of your sites?

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